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. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$40

Single Session $40 (One time individual session)

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$40

3-Session pack $100 (Includes 3 sessions)

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$100

5-Session Pack $150 (Includes 5 sessions)

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$150

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. Duration:30 mins··. Price:Free

BEMER at Home Training Session

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:Free

BEMER at Home Follow-Up

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5 reviews
  • Peggy Galvan·

    I'm fairly new to using the Bemer but have had great results so far. I have used it on both chronic and acute problems with good outcomes on both. I recently had sharp pain in my left side lower back which was new and unusual. One session on the Bemer relieved the pain and kept it away, My neck has chronic tightness from multiple whiplash injuries. I have noticed real improvement in my stiffness and neck soreness after using the machine. I hope with continued use to regain even more mobility with less discomfort. I'm very impressed with Karen and Patty. They are knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Rita Salo·

    For a first time visit, I was very impressed with the explanation of the equipment and after the 3 visits my back spasms seemed to have vanished. Will keep you informed if they should return. Thank you for caring.


    Been using this gift(BEMER) for several years religiously, before I go to bed then during the night mode and in the morning, my sleep has been great and I know it has been a significant improvement to my general well being. Most recently my left ankle hurt so bad that I could not put any weight on it. I wrap the BEMER pad and used the spot for three session in row at high intensity that evening and again the next morning, repeating the same procedure. My ankle was perfectly well the next day.

  • Melissa Scott·

    I've been using the BEMER almost daily for close to a year as another 'tool' in my wellness and self-care routine and can tell a difference in my energy and sleep when I'm not as diligent in using it daily.

    For specific issues, using the BEMER for pain I was having in my hip and thumb joint lessened the pain I was experiencing and I'm no longer having as many flare ups.

    I highly recommend scheduling a BEMER session to experience and learn more about how this device can improve your health! I Love my BEMER!

  • Nina Murzyn·

    I knew the bemer is powerful and has great benefits and while it helps me on a consist basis for joint paint and over health benefits, this just AMAZED me on this - I I scalded myself on a cup of tea that was freshly boiled water - OUCH. I put some Aquaphore and running under cold water over my arm but it was still incredibly agonizing painful burning for 2 hours then I talked to Connie and she collaborated with Patty and Connie let me know to use the bemer on the burn and it should help. I used the light and strap for 1-1/2 hours (alternating as it was such a large area), then when I stopped the burning pain was completely GONE! Instead there was now a dull throbbing, in less than 30 min that throbbing was GONE too!. In the morning I did the light/strap for 45 minutes for extra good measure. The skin was tender in the morning and about 5 hours later it is a little tender still but way less than it was in the morning. The skin is still a smidgen hot to the touch in the area but NO PAIN and only a fraction tender. And NO blisters or peeling. There were small ones that initially were starting about 2 hours after the initial burn and those are completely gone. I am so completely amazed!!! . This was too incredible not to share. Everyone should have a Bemer!!